Deepening our commitment to the practice of faith through events, ceremonies, and dialogue with nature.

In addition to lectures and training in daily life, Gakurin joint ceremonies and events, such as rice cultivation, Ome walks, and other interactions with nature are an important part of Gakurin education.

Activity introduction

Induction (Entrance) Ceremony

Apr. Induction (Entrance) Ceremony

In the presence of President Rev. Nichiko Niwano, the Gakurin Entrance Ceremony is held in the Horinkaku at the Rissho Kosei-kai Headquarters. The Entrance Ceremony is for Gakurin seminarians enrolled in the Honka program, International program, Koju program, Lotus program, as well as Hoju women’s program. The seminarians express their gratitude to their families and the sangha for nurturing them and vow to devote themselves to the study and training at the Gakurin where the wishes of Founder Rev. Nikkyo Niwano are embodied. Through their encounter with President Rev. Nichiko Niwano, seminarians commit to developing their kan-sei, chi-sei and hin-sei (integral and wholistic flourishing of Buddha Nature), becoming aware of their true self, and aiming to serve as “Pioneers of the Bodhisattva Way (leaders among Bodhisattvas)” who transform and create society and the world.
Gakurin Ome Walk

Gakurin Ome Walk

This is a traditional event of walking in the fresh green nature of Ome. Gakurin seminarians introspect, feel the beauty and serenity of the nature and dialogue with their fellow seminarians, sharing a sense of oneness with nature together.
Youth Day

May Youth Day

The youth of Rissho Kosei-kai take action toward world peace and human flourishing including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their concrete activities to address social issues in their own local communities. Gakurin seminarians engage in service activities such as cleanups, while expressing gratitude to the communities they serve, in the hope of shifting the world from one of conflict and division to one of cooperation and harmony.
Plant Seedlings

Jun. Plant Seedlings

Gakurin seminarians cultivate the earth and plant the seedlings raised from the seeds. Through rice cultivation, seminarians experience the beauty, strength and harshness of nature, enduring severe weather and predation by animals. Gakurin seminarians also experience the life supported by all sentient beings and cultivate the spirit of perseverance and flexibility that can overcome numerous difficulties and hardships.
Lotus Student Schooling

Jul. Lotus Student Schooling

Lotus students gather together to deepen their study of Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra through lectures on Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra by the President of Gakurin Seminary, research presentations, and dialogues with the selection committee members.
August Summer Seminar

Aug. Summer Seminar

This is a seminar on study and educational paths conducted by Gakurin University Student Program for high school students from all over Japan. Based on their own experiences, this is an opportunity to encounter and dialogue about the spirit of Koju (shedding light on the world; brightening the world at your corner) from the perspectives of high school and university students, including guidance for college entrance exams and advice on educational paths.
Intra- and Interfaith Cooperation for Peace

Oct. Intra- and Interfaith Cooperation for Peace

Visiting Kyoto and Nara, historical sacred sites of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism, Gakurin seminarians deepen their understanding of the history, teachings, and practices of traditional Buddhism and Shintoism, confirm their own mission as practitioners of Buddhism, and relive the spirit of intra-Buddhist and interreligious cooperation led by Founder Rev. Nikkyo Niwano.
Koju University Departmental Specialized Research Presentation

Koju University Departmental Specialized Research Presentation

In the spirit of Gakurin Koju, Koju University Program is committed to bringing light to the world,to bring Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra together with their own specialties. They present the results of their research to deepen their own researc
English Presentation Forum

Nov. English Presentation Forum

Aiming to become engaged Buddhist leaders who can contribute to the transformation of society and the creation of the world, Gakurin seminarians present in English the core teachings of Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, and Founder Niwano guidance, while comparing them to their own religious experiences and various contemporary issues in society and the world.
Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Seminarians give thanks to the gods and the Buddha with the year’s harvest of rice. While reflecting on the year’s rice cultivation efforts, Gakurin seminarians savor the joy of the harvest with songs and dances composed by Gakurin seminarians themselves.
Honka Program Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony

Honka Program Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony is held at the Ome Campus in the presence of President Rev. Nichiko Niwano for seminarians from the Honka Program. Gakurin seminarians reflect on their three years of study and training with gratitude and commitment, vow to become “pioneers of the Bodhisattva path (leaders among Bodhisattvas) who have polished their kan-sei, chi-sei and hin-sei, and who commit to serving people, transforming society and creating the future of the world.
Commencement Ceremony

Mar. Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will be held in the main hall of the Horinkaku at Rissho Kosei-kai Headquarters in the presence of President Rev. Nichiko Niwano. The ceremony is attended by Gakurin seminarians from the Honka program, International program, Koju program, as well as Lotus Scholarship program. The graduating students deepen their senses of gratitude for successfully completing Gakurin programs of intensive study and practice. Gakurin seminarians also make a vow to become “pioneers of the Bodhisattva path (leaders among Bodhisattvas)” and to serve people, society, country and the world in their own fields.
Lotus Student Forum

Lotus Student Forum

The Lotus Student Forum features final reports by graduating Lotus students, reports on research and activities by current Lotus students, and a dialogue between Lotus selection committee members and Lotus students on how to live and conduct research as faith-based and faith-inspired researchers and professionals.
Koju Spring Retreat

Koju Spring Retreat

New and current Gakurin students deepen their friendship and build their hearts as they begin their lives at Gakurin koju together as fellow students. In a variety of programs, students learn about the founding spirit of the Gakurin, the mission of Gakurin students, and experience the journey toward world peace through engaged Buddhism and interfaith action of Gakurin founder Nikkyo Niwano, thereby deepening their own vows.
The Gakurin Seminary is a global training center for
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