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Regarding Use

Before using the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) operated by Rissho Kosei-kai Gakurin seminary (hereinafter referred to as the “organization”), please read, and agree to these terms of use. You agree to the following terms and conditions when using our Website. Changes may be made to these terms of use without advance notice. Check the latest version of the terms on this page when using our Website.

1.Scope of Terms of Use

  • (1)These terms of use apply to all use of our Website.
  • (2)The user agrees to and observes these terms of use when using our Website.
  • (3)Revisions may be made to these terms of use without advance notice when necessary.

2.Regarding Site Use

  • (1)Recommended Browser
    Our Website recommends the following environments:
    ・The latest version of Microsoft Edge.
    ・The latest version of Google Chrome.
    ・The latest version of Apple Safari.
  • (2)Javascript
    Some parts of our Website use JavaScript and may not operate or display properly. When JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings, we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser settings when using our Website.
  • (1)General Rules
    Personal information collected by our Website shall not be disclosed, transferred, or lent to a third party without a valid reason in accordance with the policy of the protection of personal information promulgated by the organization.
    policy of the protection of personal information
  • (2)Cookies
    Our Website uses cookies to provide optimized content to the user. A cookie is a mechanism that saves data that distinguish the user’s browser when the user accesses our Website. The data gathered is used for site view statistics as well as for improving user convenience and the Website itself. The information in cookies cannot be used to identify the user’s personal information. Users can disable cookies in their browser settings; however, some services on our Website may be unavailable if cookies are disabled.
  • (3)Access Log
    Information on user access is recorded in the access log of our Website, which includes data such as domain name, IP address, operating browser, and access timestamp, but does not include information that can identify the user. The access log is analyzed using Google Analytics. Refer to Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Analytics’ Terms of Use for details on Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data.
    Privacy Policy, Privacy and Terms – Google
    Terms of Service | Google Analytics – Google

4.Information Security

The organization will continue to ensure information security on the network. While we make every effort to prevent security accidents, if one were to occur, we will strive to keep losses to a minimum, investigate the cause, and implement prevention measures.

5.Intellectual Property

  • (1)All intellectual property pertaining to images, text, audio, videos, and programs that have been uploaded on the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) belong to the organization. However, in cases the Content includes intellectual property, which does not belong to the organization, it in principle belongs to its owner. Personal use beyond the extent approved under the copyright laws (including copying, falsification, or diverting to other media without permission from the owner), is prohibited.
  • (2)The organization is able to use and reuse without advance notice information provided by the user, including those of the user-created content and the result of the questionnaires, except those considered to be personal information. Please note that in advance.


  • (1)Information that is uploaded on our Website is made and managed carefully; however, its accuracy, completeness, and usefulness are not guaranteed.
  • (2)The organization is not responsible for all damage or loss that occurs when using our Website, as well as all damage or loss to software and hardware from accidents or anything else related to use of the Website.
  • (3)The organization may change or remove the content or URLs without advance notice. The organization also suspends or terminates the operation of the Website without advance notice.


The user is prohibited from the following acts when using our Website and is responsible for any damage (including damage to a third party) that occurs from these prohibited acts.
  • (1)Acts that infringe or may infringe on the property or privacy of the organization or a third party.
  • (2)Acts that cause or may cause any loss or disadvantage to the organization or a third party.
  • (3)Acts that are or may be against public order and morals.
  • (4)Acts that lead to or may lead to a criminal activity.
  • (5)Acts of declaring or reporting false information.
  • (6)Acts of sales or profit, or acts of attempting to make sales or profits.
  • (7)Acts that defame the reputation or credibility of the organization or a third party.
  • (8)Acts that use or send or my use or send malicious programs including computer viruses and others.
  • (9)Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations as well ordinances.
  • (10)Acts that the organization deems inappropriate.

8.Linking to Our Website

  • (1)The user can link to our Website in principle without restriction; however, to prevent broken links, we recommend linking to the top page of our Website.
  • (2)When linking to the top page, please state clearly that it links to the website of Rissho Kosei-kai Gakurin seminary.
  • (3)The following types of links are prohibited.
    • ・Act to link by giving an impression to support, recommend, abuse, or slander specific individuals, groups, or organizations.
    • ・Act to link to websites running contents that are or may be against public order and morals.
    • ・Act to link by giving a false impression regarding the organization’s works and projects.
    • ・Act to link by causing to significantly harm the organization’s reputation and credibility, or infringing on the property, privacy, or other rights of specific individuals or organizations.
    • ・Act to link to websites in which the Content of our Website is used in a form by giving an impression that our Content appears to be the content of the website linked.
    • ・Other acts to link which the organization considers to be inappropriate.
  • (4)Prior contact to the organization is not necessary, but we would be most grateful if you could report to us by using the inquiry form on our Website.

9.Governing Law/Jurisdiction

The interpretation of the Policy applied by the organization and its management of the Website are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance for any disputes involving the Website or the Policy.

10.Point of Inquiry

For inquiries about the organization and this Website, please contact us at the following link.
The Gakurin Seminary is a global training center for
engaged Buddhism and interfaith action.
Please feel free to contact us It may take some time to reply to your inquiry.