About Gakurin

Wholistic and Integral Education based on Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra

Gakurin is a global training center for “Engaged Buddhism” and “Interfaith Action” founded in 1964 by Founder of Rissho Kosei-kai, Rev. Nikkyo Niwano. The Gakurin is comprised of six programs: the Honka Program, which trains seminarians to become leaders of engaged Buddhist and interfaith action; the International Program, which trains international seminarians to become lay Buddhist practitioners and leaders in different countries; the Koju University Program, the Post-Graduate Lotus Program and Koju High School Program, which train students to be active leaders in various sectors of society; and the Hoju Program, which trains women practitioners who combine faith and professionalism.

The mission of Gakurin is to educate and train future leaders who can reinterpret and apply Buddhism as a world religion with 2,600 years of tradition to respond to suffering and challenges in the modern world (Tradition-ing), and to cultivate integrated and wholistic human potential by refining kan-sei, chi-sei and hin-sei through a holistic education based on Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra.

The Gakurin curriculum consists of Buddhist practice, lectures, research, and practical training, carried out under the pillars of “engaged Buddhism” and “interfaith action”.

The Gakurin program is a practical Buddhist education that integrates Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, and the liberal arts, including the following: the study of Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, and Rissho Kosei-kai Teachings, lectures on various fields such as religious studies, political philosophy, law, peace studies, and communication theory, encounters with religious leaders and experts from around the world, practical training at local dharma centers in Japan and abroad, nature and agricultural experiences including rice farming, specialized research, and interactions with co-seminarians from multinational and multicultural backgrounds.

The ideal leader at Gakurin is a “Pioneer of the Bodhisattva Way” who can live the spirit of “Engaged Buddhism” and “Interfaith Action” in Japan and abroad, combining kan-sei, chi-sei, and hin-sei, based on the founding spirit of Rev. Nikkyo Niwano.

In other words, they are leaders who have the ability to awaken to their true selves (Personal Transformation), to share and accompany people and their suffering, to contribute to society (Societal Transformation), and to create the future of the world (Global Transformation).


  • Cultivating the mind of appreciating the kindness of others
  • Cultivating the sensitivity for recognizing the beauty of things)
  • Cultivating the mind of feeling the mystery of existence and God (Buddha)’s arrangement


  • understanding the structure of the universe
  • understanding the structure of life
  • understanding the structure of human beings


  • overcoming desires of self-promotion
  • overcoming self-centered views and the tendency toward affectation
  • becoming modest and humble
Personal Transformation・Global Transformation・Societal TransformationPersonal Transformation・Global Transformation・Societal Transformation

Gakurin Song: Aiming for the Big Tree

Lyrics:Masako Ohtaki Composition:Yasuo Motohashi

1. The blessings of the Buddha are abundant
The forest of learning (gaku-rin) that grows
Young people gathering under the guidance of good teachers
To study the Truth and to practice
We will advance toward the great tree

Basking in the warm light
A forest of learning (gaku-rin) flourishes
Aspire to practice the spirit of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderous Dharma
To be pure, bright, gentle, and strong
We aim for the fragrance of virtue

Our desire to create a beautiful world
A forest of learning (gaku-rin)
We strive to live, study and practice through every encounter
brightening the world at my corner
Let us show our commitment of brightening the light to the world

Dawn of a New Century
We will repay with our lives
Never forgetting our original intention
We will unite our hearts and keep the traditions alive
Let us build world peace

The Gakurin Seminary is a global training center for
engaged Buddhism and interfaith action.
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