Honka Program

The Gakurin Honka (main) Program trains “future religious leaders” who have the ability to discover their true self and help shape the future of societies, the nation, and the world through a holistic and integral education based on Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra. Honka graduates have gone on to become engaged Buddhist leaders in Japan and abroad, international leaders engaged in interreligious cooperation and peacebuilding, Buddhist scholars, as well as practitioners and leaders in diverse fields.



Information on research activities


  • Basic Buddhism
  • Lotus Sutra Studies
  • Teachings of Rissho Kosei-kai and its Founder, Rev. Nikkyo Niwano
  • Rissho Kosei-kai’s Basic Practices
  • Intra- and Inter-Faith Cooperation for Peace
  • Practical Training at Local Dharma Centers
  • Specialized Research

Engaged Buddhism

  • Buddhism
  • The Lotus Sutra
  • Rissho Kosei-kai Founder Rev. Nikkyo Niwano’s Interpretation of Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra

Interfaith Action

The World’s Religions
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Jainism


58th Class Satoshi Motozono

Student's Specialized research themes

The Evolution of the Theory and Practice of Dialogue in the Catholic Tradition since the Second Vatican Council, and its Impact on Global Interreligious Dialogue

Ms. Kiwako Tsurii

Toward Inter-generational Dialogue and Exchange that Shine for Everyone: The Development of Culture of Multi-generational Cooperation in the Rissho Kosei-kai Community

Mr. Shunpei Nozaki

New Buddhist Economics

Mr. Koichi Izumita

A Comparative Study of Western and Eastern Approaches to Tolerance: Responses to an Intolerant Society

Mr. Satoshi Motozono

The Peaceful Coexistence of Muslims and Buddhists in Asia: Sharing Historical Values and Working Together

Mr. Barua Kanan

The Influence of Parental Unconscious Action and Behavior on Children: A Study of Negative Love Syndrome

Ms. Miwako Ohashi

Toward the Development of a Model of Integral & Wholistic Education: Living Buddhist Virtues Ethics and Practice

Ms. Yukako Matsuda

Toward a society where everyone can play an active role, transcending gender differences: What are the obstacles to women’s participation unique to the Buddhist world?

Ms. Haruna Kuroe

Dormitory Life

Daiju Dormitory

Daiju Dormitory

Gakurin Honka Program students live in the Daiju Dormitory on the Ome campus.
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